Like the Mighty Banyan

Like the Mighty Banyan

’Blessed is that man that trusteth in Supreme Being,
for he shall be like the mighty Banyan by the river
that spreadeth out her roots;
its leaves shall be green and shall bloom in the drought
and blossom in the plentiful seasons.’

“There is no mystery about Truth, but the acquisition and transmission of true knowledge de­mands both great labor and great effort of him who receives.”

“Those who want Truth must make the initial effort to find the source of knowledge and to approach it, taking advantage of the help and indications which are given to all, but which people as a rule do not want to see or recognize.  Knowledge cannot come to you without effort on your part.

Strangely, most persons feel that Truth can be given them without much effort.  However, this is a wrong attitude for great knowledge is not easy to gather to one’s self.  For example, it takes five to ten years to grasp the principles of medicine, and often the same or longer for the study of painting, writing or music.

Many times an individual’s independent effort will attain him nothing.  It is usually gained through those who already possess it.  One should learn from those who know.”

“The man who succeeds, however great or small his aim, is he who refuses to be discouraged by discouragement, who refuses to give up when faced with disappointments, deadlocks and delays.” 

“He is a part of the Supreme, and as that—the Truth—he can do the impossible.”