Mastering One's Self

Mastering One's Self

“In these teachings of the Ancient Masters, one learns to think things through.  The old negative thoughts will drop away and new ideas through Divine Spirit will be established, and one will soon find the ease and efficiency of this way of life.”

“You will learn to take all the questions that confront you to the temple within, where they may not be solved, but you will come to understand them and release them to the Divine Spirit.  When this takes place, you will not need to go thrashing and hurrying through the day, feeling that one’s purpose has been wasteful.“

"Go to that inner temple and come to know yourself without trying to open the door.”

“You will overcome one of your worst enemies, and learn how to overcome the little self.  To master it, by unfolding spiritually in one’s own right, and there find your greatest friend, the Mahanta, Teacher, Spiritual Guide and Advisor.

You can go through all the fires and waters of hell and come upon all the goodness of life, having all strength and power at that secret place within yourself.  Then one will know that the Sugmad (ancient Chinese word for God) is in the deepest part of silence, that within one’s self the essence of Divine Spirit is always there, always a holy place.”