Not to Worry

Not to Worry

By going deep into It

you grow

day by day and step by step.


               And this growth of each and every individual

                                                is all that is needed and wanted.

              We must not be too worried

                                  about what we do or how much we must do.


            We come from the unlimited source Sugmad

                                    while passing through this harsh land here,

                        and we are always a part and always one with this Source.


            If we think or feel things are too much for us,

                                    then we have only separated ourselves a little bit

                                                                                    from this deeper understanding.

             We are always and only just a channel for ITs Divine Works.

                        Our responsibility is towards SUGMAD and truth alone.

                                    This knowledge will eventually become our only inner reality.

             Divine LOVE flows from this eternal and unlimited source

                                    through our bodies, minds and hearts

                        and we are asked to allow IT to flow – without narrowing the channels.


            Then the worldly tasks can become less struggle

                                    and more just a flow

                                                            of light, love and compassion.