You're The Miracle-Maker

You're The Miracle-Maker

We are an infinite part of the God Force using the physical form to experience spiritual development through a special training called “daily life".

We are not our bodies or our emotions or our minds, or any of the structures and restrictions we experience around us. 

When you entered the Earth plane, the energy that is the “real you” left its abode in the higher dimensions of pure light, and entered—by choice—the body you are now in.  You chose the circumstances of this life because it was the next step in your infinite evolution, and because this life would allow you to expand what you are spiritually so that you could become an even greater expression of the infinite life force, or Living Spirit.

Now, you may say, “That’s crazy!  Why would I choose these circumstances of my life, this family, this society, and this neighborhood?  Why did I not choose a more affluent environment, or a more attractive body, or more intellectual capacity?”

The answer lies in a dimension beyond the physical plane.

The Ancient Masters teach that Soul is man’s true identity, inborn and indestructible, the eternal consciousness that knows no death. The masters, throughout the ages, have evolved techniques by which the individual, at his own volition, and without the use of drugs, hypnosis or occult practices, may consciously transcend the physical state of consciousness.
In this way a person may experience greater levels of existence that lie beyond the perception of physical senses. In these journeys, the radiant body of the master is always with the individual who has been initiated by the master, just as Paul Twitchell guided me in my youth, through the dream experiences, and later during my practice of the spiritual exercises available through the books and discourses.

As you entered this dimension through birth, you had within your consciousness a heroic mission—a goal.