Far Country

"From the dimensions beyond space and beyond all heavens
our thoughts go lightning shod.
Some call it imagination — some call it God."
 —Darwin Gross




A world exists beyond the one in which we live, a world of vast planes and wondrous realms, invisible to the physical senses.


All the sacred scriptures of Man, and writers from Plato to Rudyard Kipling, have spoken of “the Far Country” that which all men yearn to reach. The experience of the Far Country is not the sole province of the spiritual figures of the past, but can be achieved by any man or woman of any age, with a bold heart and adventuresome spirit!


The citizens of this world today stand at the gate of reality.  Man is learning to recognize and desire the world of spiritual being. To find that deeper being within himself, to reveal its nature, and to function consciously in the world of truth in which it dwells.


Without imagination man remains a creature of the earthdust,

a materialistic thing. Man either goes forward in his imagination or remains
a prisoner of his senses. He is free to soar like the birds or remain upon this
earth as a reptile and make his home within the dirt.






No one can make his way very far into the Far Country unless he has the assistance of the spiritual* travelers. They know its dangers and blessings. Leading the blind upward along the path until they can see for themselves, the travelers find only the blessings for their followers bypassing the dangers, always letting their companions know what might befall them if they are careless.


Every spiritual traveler keeps a vigilant eye upon his mental processes. When he begins to enter the inner worlds, even to the slightest degree, he must beware of his own misleading mental creations. In all of his waking consciousness, he is to remember that his mind is his worst enemy, as well as his most useful instrument. But the main point is that he must keep it under control every moment. The mind is a useful servant but a bad master.


The deeper one penetrates into the finer regions of truth and reality, the more perfect his light becomes.




The Bani is the heavenly music or audible life stream. The melody which is given by the Sugmad through Divine Spirit, the light and sound.


Without this stream nothing could live for a single moment, or even exist. All life and power comes from it; from the crawling ant to the thunder bolt, from the tidal wave to the solar cycle, every manifestation of dynamic energy comes from this stream of the Spirit*.


The tremendous heat, energy and light of our sun, of all suns, are derived from this stream. Every ray of light in the universe is a phenomenon of this infinite stream of light and sound. Upon its power hangs every star in its orbit. Not a single rose may bring forth its buds without this power and no little child smiles without manifesting this power.


Darwin Gross says it best or sums it up best??:


“It is gentler than a buttercup,
and far greater than man’s weapons—
so who are you and I to tell Spirit what to do.”


He who drinks of this stream can never thirst again, but in him is a well of water springing up into eternal life. It is Wisdom, Power and Freedom—all the great qualities you can imagine that belong to the Sugmad.


By becoming one with it, you have the science of the spiritual travelers, wrapped up in a few words.



Excerpts from The ATOM Way of Life by Darwin Gross, 1998; The Far Country by Paul Twitchell, 1971


*A more familiar word was used instead of ‘ECK’.