Like the Mighty Banyan Tree

Like the Mighty Banyan Tree


Blessed is that man that trusteth in Supreme Being, for he shall be like the mighty Banyan by the river that spreadeth out her roots;
its leaves shall be green and shall bloom in the drought and blossom in the plentiful seasons.


Each Day a New Beginning

“This very day start your new life.  Approach every experience with a new frame of mind, with a new state of consciousness.  Assume the noblest and best for yourself in every respect and continue therein.  Make believe!  Great wonders are possible!”

How can we begin this new life when we find ourselves surrounded by mountains of problems and all the negativity of this world?  How do we break free of the binding conditions in our life, when we feel stuck, spinning our wheels and getting nowhere fast?

First, forgive what happened yesterday or even a minute or an hour ago.  Learn from it and let it go.  Give yourself a fresh chance—a do over. Life is fluid and ever changing.  We each, as Soul, are a part of this great Life stream.


Nothing is stuck forever unless we believe it is!


We can take a couple of deep breaths, let it all go and just accept things as they are for now. Not to give up on our dreams and goals but relax, begin again—begin anew!

“We must pass over all existing conditions, however adverse they may seem to be, and go straight to Spirit as the forming spirit of new forms and new conditions.  Spirit never changes, it is still the same, and is independent of existing conditions. 

Spirit is alive and working here and now, for if Spirit is to get from the past into the future it must be by passing through the present.  What we have to do is to acquire the habit of living direct from Spirit in present time.”


Planting Seeds of Faith

“One must have the faith of the mustard seed.  The seed of faith must be in action. 

Have you wondered what Jesus meant when he said that we need faith as a grain of mustard seed?  It doesn’t mean smallness, for a speck of dust is small, but he meant that faith should be alive.  The mustard seed has the potentialities of the mustard tree within it—true faith is a living seed that holds within itself the fulfillment of desire; the spirit of God is within it as in all living things.


By faith, one contacts the eternal, unchanging goodness of Spirit.


We bring about things by constantly thinking of them.  Imagine the harm that one can do to himself when he lets his mind go back to the past, over and over again moving into the things he dislikes.  Life will go on for him multiplying and manifesting the same things again and again and again in his life.  A strong positive understanding of truth will change his consciousness and all life will change for him.

When we realize the true nature of the creativity of life, we learn that exterior things are changed by a change of the interior spiritual attitude.  There is no consideration of outward conditions, whether body or circumstances, for they are only effects not causes.

It is the inner with which you make contact.  In this way you become magnetized with your faith, and then you are drawn into the situations and circumstances that you are longing for.


Certainty is to be found only in the heart; confusion is bred in the outer world.
—Lao Tzu


Growing by Leaps and Bounds

“The whole problem of life consists of finding the true relationship of self, the individual, to the true power, to the true Spirit.

The ancient Master, Lai Tsi, said, ‘I have learned to stand back and let the divine work through me.’  We find that this is the simple way of doing it—reaching the divine power for working through ourselves.

The power is within us and working, but most teachers want to show the way through some stupendous means.  Yet the fact is that the power is easily contacted by anyone who will believe this.  So easily, that the intellectual type often has a job accepting this while the more childlike ones leap on ahead of them.

Now briefly, so many people want this childlike state but the urgency of their physical needs causes tension and fear thus closing the channel between themselves and the Spirit.  Anxiety and fear are tense emotions, fastening the person rigidly into the emotional plane of consciousness so that he cannot reach the spiritual plane where things come true.


A miracle is a changed consciousness.


Looking into this, I find that those who do not believe in miracles or who have very little success in life are those whose nature is cold, indifferent, cynical; they do not really put their hearts into life.  What a change takes place when they do!

Once the individual realizes that Spirit is love, has always been and will always be love, then he relaxes.  How can he do otherwise?  Many people have been cured of incurable disease, overcome the worse circumstances and lifted themselves into illumination by understanding this great and glorious fact.

This power will also be your infallible guide to take you through the threshold beyond the borders of Heaven.  It is never mistaken in what it does.  It only needs to be trusted.

When we are reunited to the Spirit in mutual confidence and love, what room is there on either side for any remembrance of our yesterday of sorrow?”


Excerpts from: The Flute of God, Paul Twitchell, 1969; Power of Imagination, Darwin Gross, 1998