Spreading Your Wings

Spreading Your Wings


“The passions of the worldly life are like heavy clouds which shut out the wisdom, like they shut out the sun entirely, or obscure the brilliancy of its light.”

“They may be compared to a violent wind which agitates the surface of the water so that it cannot reflect the splendor of the skies above, to the envelope of the butterfly which deprives it of liberty, and to the shell of certain fruits which prevent their fragrance from diffusing itself abroad.

 Yet we know the butterfly gnaws its way through its envelope, makes itself a passage and wings its way into space—thus conquering air, light and liberty; so it is with Soul.”

               “All things are passing; only the Sugmad is changeless.”

 “Should anyone be in distress or need to reach the great Sugmad, use this contemplation; repeat it slowly and it certainly brings results.”

                           “Show me thy ways, O Sugmad;

                          Teach me thy path.

                          Lead me in thy truth, and teach me;

                          On thee do I wait all day.

                          Remember, O Beloved, thy guiding light

                          And thy loving care.

                          For it has been ever thy will.

                          To lead the least of your servants to Thee!"